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Support young women’s basketball by becoming a sponsor or contributer to the LADY HAWKS Basketball team.  Our team, LADY HAWKS Basketball, Inc, is an official IRS tax exempt, not-for-profit, 501.3c organization devoted to providing young ladies with an education in higher level basketball. 

Sponsors may choose to make a general donation to the teams, or donations of sufficient quantity may be designated to help a talented, deserving child whose family would not otherwise have the financial resources to pay the required fees for uniforms, tournaments and travel.

If you would like to help our ladies, please contact us by messaging our staff through our contact page.

The coaches, players and parents of the LADY HAWKS Basketball Team would like to express our sincere appreciation to our sponsors for their generous support.  The generosity you have provided to our team has helped us achieve another step toward our goals.  Your donations support the female youth of our community who are working hard everyday to make a team and make the grades required for team admission.

Our sponsors should be proud that their contributions are being used for the education of our children, directly benefiting our local communities by influencing the lives of our future adults athletes.

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